Waterford property care company’s website includes reference to Goa property

Waterford-based property care firm Goa Property Care is a company owned by a man named Peter D. Gavigan.He runs Goa Home Care, a property care provider based in Gavigans, the state capital of Goa, which is located in the southern […]

Breeden’s Lipe Property company to invest in ‘the most beautiful water park in the world’

Breeden Property has signed an agreement to invest $1.5 billion in a brand new water park to be built in the Canadian city of Waterford.The $1 billion investment is part of the company’s plan to build a new waterpark in […]

How to find out whether your property is eligible for waterford’s Property Tax relief

A property company in south-east Scotland is using its water rights to help pay for water bills.Waterford Property Company, which runs properties including one in Londonderry, has applied to have a section of the property, owned by the company, exempt […]