How a company with close ties to Donald Trump sold its properties to Trump-linked investors

Posted September 07, 2018 17:15:04 It was a typical day for Kushner Companies, a property construction company that was purchased by Trump’s Trump Entertainment Resorts in 2014.“We were in a nice, sunny spot,” Mr Kushner said.“I had an amazing day.”But […]

How to get rid of the boring old property presentation company

In order to find the most attractive property presentation companies in Bulgaria, we analysed data from data-crunching software and analysed the properties offered to us.If you know of any property presentation services in Bulgaria or want to share your experience, […]

Sydney’s property boom is ‘a massive mistake’

Sydney’s booming property market has seen developers pay up to $8 million in fees to the government for a property development company to build and lease the properties they’re developing.Butler Property Development Group (BPDG) has just one property to show […]

Bushat Property’s Hamat property presentation company is buying Hamat, property company

The Hamat company, which owns land in the Hamat area in central Ethiopia, has filed for an auction of its properties in the capital Addis Ababa.The company said it plans to buy the land at an auction for $3.2 million.The […]