Trump, his son-in-law, son-and-daughter indicted in property sale fraud

President Donald Trump’s sons-in_law, Eric Trump and Jared Kushner, have been indicted on charges of violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act by using a business they co-own to buy and sell real estate, according to a court filing in the […]

How to Use Google Maps to Find a Real Estate Company’s Property

In a world where Google Maps has replaced Apple Maps and other real estate applications, you might find yourself needing to find property records from a company that has moved, is closed or is a non-owner.Here are some suggestions to […]

How to buy real estate in California with a computer program

In California, it’s not uncommon to find properties that are already sold or have been in the process of being sold for years.However, the process for buying real estate online can be quite confusing.This article walks you through the process […]

US-based company says it won’t sell $200 million in homes under a deal with developer

USA Today article The company behind one of the largest single-family home sales in the US history has announced it won.The company that bought a sprawling, 5.5-acre property in the heart of Silicon Valley is selling the property for $200,000.The […]