Leisure property company has £1.1bn worth of office and retail properties in London

LONDON — The property company with the largest office and residential properties in the city of London is set to break ground on a £1 billion building in the capital next month.James Leisure will build a large office building, retail […]

‘Ladies, this is the most important thing’: Wife says ‘We’re so excited’ after ‘incredible’ marriage

The Australian wife of Australian Football player Nathan Hughes is being accused of being “totally unprofessional” after her husband was left in a “state of shock” by the marriage, which ended on Monday night.Ms Hughes, 28, is believed to have […]

Breeden’s Lipe Property company to invest in ‘the most beautiful water park in the world’

Breeden Property has signed an agreement to invest $1.5 billion in a brand new water park to be built in the Canadian city of Waterford.The $1 billion investment is part of the company’s plan to build a new waterpark in […]