What’s behind the big property tech companies?

Tech companies are being heavily subsidized by the federal government, and they’re doing the bidding of big companies.Here’s a look at the major tech companies that are funding them.Read more about the tech industry and tech tax credit: Big Tech Gets […]

Why am I paying more for my land than my neighbour?

By Peter McNameeA senior property owner in Perth’s north-west is being told she has to pay more for her land than her neighbour, even though the properties share a common owner.The property is a one-bedroom, one-bathroom bungalow, with the neighbouring […]

Bushat Property’s Hamat property presentation company is buying Hamat, property company

The Hamat company, which owns land in the Hamat area in central Ethiopia, has filed for an auction of its properties in the capital Addis Ababa.The company said it plans to buy the land at an auction for $3.2 million.The […]