When a company is so successful it can be sued for defrauding investors

As faithbridge and Lincoln Property Company go through their most recent financial collapse, a former top executive has filed a lawsuit claiming that the companies were defrauds in the form of over $20 billion in unrealized gains from their real […]

How to buy real estate in California with a computer program

In California, it’s not uncommon to find properties that are already sold or have been in the process of being sold for years.However, the process for buying real estate online can be quite confusing.This article walks you through the process […]

‘It’s a tragedy’: A Florida man killed in a fatal plane crash

A Florida family has blamed the Federal Aviation Administration for the death of a man who they say had recently purchased a plane.Authorities in Tampa said they found the body of 38-year-old John Epps in the back seat of a […]