How to win over a Chinese property company

China property company Spieker is looking to build an apartment building for its employees in Hong Kong, but its founder is trying to stay out of the limelight.Spieker’s Hong Kong office has been quietly working on the project, according to […]

‘Ladies, this is the most important thing’: Wife says ‘We’re so excited’ after ‘incredible’ marriage

The Australian wife of Australian Football player Nathan Hughes is being accused of being “totally unprofessional” after her husband was left in a “state of shock” by the marriage, which ended on Monday night.Ms Hughes, 28, is believed to have […]

China Property Companies’ Equity In Value Drives Rise in China, U.S. Expected to Grow as Chinese Government Adopts New Rules

As the global economy grows and the Chinese government continues to clamp down on corruption, companies in China are looking for ways to invest in China.In particular, Chinese property companies are increasingly looking to capitalise on China’s growing property market.A […]