How to save $300 per year on your property insurance quotes

A new property insurance plan offered by a California company might help you save $3,000 per year when you go to the bank. The Property Insurance Savings Plan from Capital Group Properties has a $3.95 annual deductible, which is much lower […]

The World’s Biggest Property Brokers Are Taking On The Business of Owning Properties

New York City is a big place to sell real estate.And it’s even bigger than it was before the financial crisis.The number of homes in New York State is more than double the previous high, and sales have been growing […]

Why is Christie’s tax bill so much higher than the federal level?

The state is proposing to spend $20 billion to fix roads and bridges, a $2 billion tax cut on millionaires, and a tax cut for the middle class.But many of those measures have no chance of passing Congress, so they […]

New York protest properties company owner arrested in protest

A protest property company owner who’s been arrested in New York City for allegedly obstructing traffic has been released on bond, the New York Daily News reported Wednesday.The New York Civil Liberties Union confirmed the arrest and said in a […]