Marquis Property company fined for breach of property rules

Property developer Marquiss has been fined €10 million after it breached its contracts with landlords and tenants to sell their property for a profit.The company, which also owns the Marlowe Hotel in Limerick, was given a 12-month extension to close […]

Israel’s ‘Arab’ property owners to lose out in bidding process

Jerusalem – An Arab Israeli family in the city of Jerusalem is set to lose their home in a bidding war to buy a plot of land owned by a prominent Arab property company.The family of Arab-Israeli businessman Jamal Hani, […]

When a bank sells a loan company, what happens next?

The biggest financial company in the United States may be in trouble, but it’s not the first time that a company that was once an investment bank has gone through the financial equivalent of a foreclosure.The financial industry is awash […]