Claremont Properties is planning to sell its real estate business for $10 billion

Claremont Holdings, the property and investment company behind iconic buildings like the Brooklyn Bridge, has closed its sale of its real-estate business for a total of $10.5 billion.The sale of Claremont’s real estate portfolio was announced last week, and Claremont […]

How do property assessments work in Ireland?

Property assessment companies (PACTs) work with property owners and property managers to decide how much land they should pay to develop and improve.The companies are also required to provide a detailed assessment report and a list of all relevant land […]

Leisure property company has £1.1bn worth of office and retail properties in London

LONDON — The property company with the largest office and residential properties in the city of London is set to break ground on a £1 billion building in the capital next month.James Leisure will build a large office building, retail […]

What do property investors need to know about property?

Property investors in Australia need to understand the various forms of property investment, particularly when it comes to property portfolios.With property investing in the hands of professionals, there is a lot more to it than just buying a house and […]

Mashable: How a condo tower could change the way you live in Los Angeles

This is the story of a condo project in Los Angles that could change how people live in the city.The tower is owned by Collier Companies, the real estate investment group.Collier bought the property last year for $300 million, but […]