How a company with close ties to Donald Trump sold its properties to Trump-linked investors

Posted September 07, 2018 17:15:04 It was a typical day for Kushner Companies, a property construction company that was purchased by Trump’s Trump Entertainment Resorts in 2014.“We were in a nice, sunny spot,” Mr Kushner said.“I had an amazing day.”But […]

Why are property lawyers suing?

It is the year 2020, and that’s when property lawyers are suing for damages.Property lawyers are a small, but growing, subgroup of lawyers in the US who are increasingly taking on companies in the financial services and health care sectors […]

Which property companies are most profitable?

The most profitable property companies in the UK are all based in the capital city of London, according to a new report by the property industry research group PropertyScore.The research firm also found that most of the most profitable UK […]

How to build your own company from scratch: The next big thing

The future is here.There is a new startup in town and its building the next big, next billion dollar company.The founders of Minerva are a small group of people with a vision.They are not a typical VC company.They aren’t trying […]

How to use the new search to find the best private schools

A new search feature in the Apple TV version of Apple’s Apple Learning app allows users to find private school resources and get information about their students.In the app, users can search for private schools by name or by a […]

Trump: ‘I don’t know anything about the ethics of business’

The President of the United States said Tuesday that he does not know anything “about the ethics” of the businesses that are in the crosshairs of his legal team.Trump told the New York Times that the companies involved in his […]

What’s the most affordable rental in Minneapolis?

It’s a question that has plagued Minneapolis for years, and the answer is not all that different from the other properties listed here: rents are skyrocketing and prices are rising fast.Maxxam, the Minneapolis-based real estate company that owns the Twin […]