How to get a mortgage for your new home

Johannesburg property firm Harkinda has set up a site where you can apply for a mortgage in a single click, and it is open to the public.

“Our goal is to get as many people as possible using this system to apply for mortgage, because it is easier than filling out multiple forms and sending them in and having them return back with a rejection,” said Harkinah CEO, Jefre Sefa.

He told reporters the site has already had over 1.4 million transactions completed, with the average transaction taking around 12 hours to complete.

It’s a huge step for Harkinna, a property development firm with offices in South Africa and the UK.

The company had initially launched the system in November and had only been running it for a month.

“This is one of the most efficient ways to find a mortgage that you can get,” he said.

“We hope that this can be a model for other people, to get this service, we will give them a call and explain it to them.”

For now, the site only allows people to apply online.

The service is open only to South African residents and will be open to all.

For more information on the new system, including how to apply and how to get it, read our explainer on the mortgage for the new house.

The site has also set up its own website that gives users the option to view a video about the process and get the latest news on the latest developments. 

The service was launched in October and has been rolled out across the country to over 2,000 properties.