Ownership of properties worth £50m sale is a buyer’s paradise

A property company in the UK has bought up a £50 million property in London for £10 million, putting up a price of £2.5 million for the properties, the Financial Times reported on Thursday.

The property, which is in an area of the city that is considered to be an urban jungle, was sold for £5 million to the property investment trust, Property Partners.

The purchase was reported in the Financial Post.

Property Partners is a property investment company that buys and develops properties in the city of London.

It is owned by the same owners who bought the property, but the deal was reported separately by the Financial News.

The value of the purchase is around £5.5 billion.

It is a stunning development for a country that has had to grapple with a housing crisis and a massive population loss.

A property boom has driven prices up in London and many other cities across the country, with property sales booming during the financial crisis.

The number of properties in London has increased by more than 50 per cent in the past year.

The London property market is considered one of the most attractive in Europe and is also home to the largest concentration of millionaires in the world, with a median net worth of £8.5bn, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

The Property Partners deal is likely to benefit the firm’s board members and staff as they make huge profits from the sale.

A Property Partners spokesperson told the Financial Daily that the sale was not for any profit, but rather to support the company’s board and staff.

The company has been selling properties in various areas of London since 2014.

Its chief executive, Simon Cairns, has been criticised for the company buying up properties in parts of London where it is struggling.

He was given a £10,000 bonus last year and a £100,000 annual bonus in 2015.

Cairns has been under pressure to stop buying up property as the market has been rocked by the housing crisis.