Leisure property company has £1.1bn worth of office and retail properties in London

LONDON — The property company with the largest office and residential properties in the city of London is set to break ground on a £1 billion building in the capital next month.

James Leisure will build a large office building, retail and residential projects in the area around London’s St. James’s Square.

The company’s website says it has “a long-term vision to transform the city’s industrial, commercial and residential environments.”

The plans call for about 400 residential units, offices, restaurants and other facilities to be built by 2021, with plans to double in size in 2027.

The site is on the east side of St. Marks Square, the site of the original British Museum.

James Leisure said in a statement that it is “pleased to be working with the City of London and City of Westminster Government on the development of our new development at the St.

James’s Square site.”