Why are some people renting their homes in the CBD?

A property agent who wants to rent out his property in the city’s CBD has hit out at the idea of letting his tenants share in the profits.

Key points:Property owners have been hit hard by the knock-on effects of the new rulesMr Ritchie is now looking to reduce the impact of the rulesMr Robyn Ritchie said he was frustrated the laws did not apply to himMr Rigg said he had been offered a flat but decided against it because it was too expensiveHe has been offering to lease the property in exchange for some of the rent money he receives from tenants, but said that the rental company did not provide a satisfactory deal.

He is now offering to rent the property out for the duration of the lease.

He said he would prefer to keep the rent down than risk being forced to close down the property.

“I’d prefer to give people a chance to be in control of their own future, but they can’t,” he said.

“They can’t just say, ‘Look, we’ve done this for 30 years, I’m just going to move the house out, I can just give you money’.”

So if I’m going to be letting the property for a year, I want to be giving them an opportunity to come in, get a fair chance to have a say, to have their say and be able to have that say, I’d like to give that opportunity.

“Mr Rigo said he wanted to give his tenants an opportunity for a “fair chance” to live in his property.

But he said that was not the case with his current tenants.”

They want to rent it out and they want to take the money that they make from the rent,” he explained.

When asked what he thought was going to happen to his tenants, he said it would be “really tough” to keep them in their current homes.”

The way the rules have been written, there’s a whole raft of problems that come with it,” he added.”

You’ve got to think about how do you balance the needs of the community, of the individual tenant, with the needs, as well, of people that you rent to.

“It’s a bit like a casino.

You can’t do that.”

Mr Robinson said he has a number of tenants that are happy with the new rental agreement and want to stay in their homes, but he did not think that the new laws would necessarily benefit them.

“We’ve got a lot of people who are living in the same house, a lot more people than they have ever lived in before,” he told the ABC.

“So it’s hard to predict, because it’s a really difficult situation to put your finger on, but certainly if it does have a positive effect for them, then that would be fantastic.”

He said if a tenant could not meet their rent payment, they were able to apply for an exemption.

“That’s where you can get a letter from the landlord and say, “Hey, I’ve got an exemption for you, you can stay here”.”

It would be good for them to get that letter, and then you can start talking to your neighbour and see if you can find an accommodation for them.