Trump: ‘I don’t know anything about the ethics of business’

The President of the United States said Tuesday that he does not know anything “about the ethics” of the businesses that are in the crosshairs of his legal team.

Trump told the New York Times that the companies involved in his legal teams dispute “are people that are trying to hurt me,” adding, “I don.t know anything.”

But the President has said that he is confident that the President’s business partners are fair and ethical.

The President said he has the utmost confidence in his business partners and has made clear he does have “the utmost respect for them” as he takes on the ongoing litigation involving his businesses.

Trump is facing the challenge of defending his businesses against the many legal challenges he faces, including lawsuits from investors who allege that the president’s business is in violation of the emoluments clause of the U.S. Constitution.

Trump has insisted that he and his business associates are not breaking any laws.

But a series of legal challenges that could eventually drag the President to the Supreme Court and the ethics office of the Justice Department has raised the stakes for Trump’s lawyers, who are still grappling with the stakes in the ongoing cases.

Trump’s legal team has also been caught up in a series in which the President and his companies have tried to undermine his critics.

A top Trump ally and a lawyer for a business partner have already admitted that Trump and his team are making false statements about the president, which is a violation of their own agreement with the President.

Trump has repeatedly called the legal challenges a “political witch hunt” that he has dismissed as “fake news.”

But Trump’s attorney Jay Sekulow, who has been appointed to lead Trump’s ongoing legal fight, acknowledged that the legal issues are being investigated by the ethics experts at the Office of Government Ethics.

“The President and the President business partners understand the seriousness of the ethics issue and have a responsibility to protect the interests of their client,” Sekulows statement said.

“They have cooperated fully with the ethics investigators in the Office and are committed to ensuring that the Administration and its clients comply with the law.”

But Sekulowski’s office said that the White House is not required to release information about its investigation or to identify the ethics officials.