‘Finger’ company properties on sale at a $2.9M price tag

Capodaglia is offering properties at an estimated $2 million for a total of $2,927,000, the Los Angeles Times reported Monday.

The house was built in 1851.

The family owns the house and is currently the only owner of the property, according to the Times.

The property was built on land that once was part of the Calusa Valley.

The property was on the market for $2 and $3 million, according the Times, which said it sold for $1.5 million.

The house is located at 2925 California Blvd.

in Beverly Hills, California, according a listing on the California Real Estate Board.

It was listed on the Real Estate Appraisal District (READ) website on Tuesday.

The listing also states that the house has a listed price of $1,097,900.

It is not clear how much the house sold for.

The listing also said the home has an estimated value of $7.5M.

The land, which is owned by the family, was once part of Calusa valley, but the family has since moved to a new home, according READ.

The READ listing also lists a water well and a parcel of land, but neither is listed as currently occupied.