What’s the most affordable rental in Minneapolis?

It’s a question that has plagued Minneapolis for years, and the answer is not all that different from the other properties listed here: rents are skyrocketing and prices are rising fast.

Maxxam, the Minneapolis-based real estate company that owns the Twin Cities’ most popular hotel, is the poster child for the skyrockets.

But it’s not the only property owner struggling.

Here are the rental properties that are currently available on rent-to-own, according to RentBusters.

They have not been updated in the past year.

The numbers may be changing, as many properties are adding rental units.

A $5,000 to $7,500 rental at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis is currently the most expensive on the market, at $532 per month.

That is just under the average rental price of $515, according the report.

The Hyatt has more than 5,000 rooms and suites.

But the price is on the rise, with rents at the Twin City hotel climbing by nearly 50 percent from the average of $320 per month a year ago.

RentBuster’s report notes that Hyatt, which has been in Minneapolis since 1981, has become a popular choice for rent-buyers, who are looking for a new place to live.