How to protect your property when it goes under the hammer

Property owners in the capital can be warned if their properties go under the axe.

The government has unveiled its plan to protect capital assets and the value of homes from the storm.

It says it will allow owners to apply for emergency measures to protect their homes from flooding.

“If the value per square metre is lower than your average home value, you will be able to apply to the Land and Environment Court for an order that a certain percentage of your home should be exempt from flooding damage,” the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) said in a statement.

But many homeowners are worried they will have to take action to protect the value if their property goes under.

The Government is also taking steps to try and protect homes from being destroyed by the storm as part of a pilot scheme.

They are giving property owners a “billing tool” to help with flooding claims.

In its statement, the Department said it will provide property owners with a tool to help them with flood claims, including the ability to contact flood insurance companies and to access flood insurance rates and fees.

“As a consequence of the pilot scheme, the Home Owners’ Advice Bureau has been expanded to help homeowners make decisions about their property.”

Homeowners can also access a list of property flood insurance providers and make their claims using the Flood Flood Relief Toolkit.

“Under the scheme, there will be more information available on the flood relief toolkit and how to apply.”

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