Which property developers are facing pressure from developers to sell?

Jogip, the company behind the Chalk Hill, Chalk Mill and Southgate projects, is facing pressure to sell off the properties.

The developer has also been asked to sell two properties in the City of Yarra for Rs 4 crore each.

The Chalk Hills is being developed by Jogips partner Arup for development on the Gold Coast.

Arup owns three properties in Yarra, one at Maclay and the other at Chalkhill.

Arup has also developed properties at Maclan and Chalkville.

A spokesperson for Jogiph told The Hindu that its not clear why they are being asked to move the properties out of the City, but added that it is still early days in the project.

We are currently looking at how we can get the property out of city limits, and it is not something we will announce at this stage.

A spokesperson for ChalkHill, Maclay, and Chalksville said that it was not aware of any such request.

Jogilabs managing director, Virender Singh said that the company was not involved in the Chalks Hills and the properties it owns were not in the planning stages.

We are not involved with any project in the city of Yarrah.

A spokesman for the City said it was looking into the matter.