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Bitcoin exchange operator Bitfinex has been hit by a hack that could affect its users.

According to a statement from the company, the incident caused an interruption in the transfer of fiat to Bitcoin.

The company has not released a list of affected customers, but a spokeswoman said that it has confirmed that “more than a few” customers were affected.

Bitfinex’s statement says that it “does not control the integrity of the Bitfinexs blockchain, which is the only way to securely manage and transact Bitcoin, and we cannot guarantee the security of the network”.

The Bitfinexes website was temporarily inaccessible and users were unable to access the trading platform.

The website also said that customers with a pending balance over $10,000 would not be able to access their funds.

Bitcoins were trading at around $12,000 on Monday.

According the company’s statement, Bitfinexa will implement a system whereby customers who are not in possession of a valid bank account can withdraw money from their account and withdraw it in fiat.