The real estate market has been ‘busting’ for years but can it really be that bad?

Spieker, the property leasing company, has seen its stock rise from $1.50 per share in January 2011 to $2.60 per share today.

That’s up from a market cap of just $2 billion in early 2014.

But the company has been hit hard by the economic downturn, as well as a number of other factors, including a recession and falling demand for its services.

In addition, the company is under federal investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for allegedly misusing its intellectual property.

The SEC alleges that Spiekers’ business model for leasing homes to private individuals and corporations is in direct competition with the services of other companies, including Google.

The company has since begun paying more attention to the situation, saying it has begun implementing changes that include reducing its price per square foot for homes leased to businesses and for those who own multiple properties.

Spiekers shares are up more than 15 percent since the beginning of the year, according to the S&P 500 index, which measures the performance of U.S. stock.

They’ve also outperformed the S.&amp:P 500 since the start of this year, up 5.7 percent from last year.

Spies stock was trading above $2 a share at one point in March.

Spieler said its stock price has stabilized at about $2 per share.

Spieks market cap has grown from about $4 billion in 2010 to $8 billion in 2014.

That includes $2,854 million in sales and another $1,095 million in capital expenditures, Spiek said.

The spieker company said in a statement that it has a strong business model and a strong reputation for providing a quality, affordable home leasing service.