How the World’s Billionaires are using blockchain technology to secure their properties

Paragon Properties, the world’s biggest property management company, is using blockchain tech to secure properties.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Paragon cofounder and chief executive officer, Steve Trewin, said he had been working on Paragon properties since he was 14 years old.

Paragon, founded in 2012, is a blockchain-based platform that allows owners of more than 2 million properties around the world to track the progress of their properties and receive notification of new additions.

The company has also worked with a number of other companies, including Airbnb, to integrate blockchain technology into their business models.

Paragons latest project is its Paragon Smart Home, a system that allows homeowners to track their homes and make sure they’re being kept safe from burglars and other thieves.

This is Paragon’s latest foray into the blockchain space, as Paragon is also working with a large number of developers and institutions to create more secure, decentralized and transparent ways for people to transact with their property.

The project has been funded through a series of crowdfunding campaigns that have raised more than $100 million, including a $100,000 seed round led by Sequoia Capital.

The Paragon project will also launch a platform that will allow users to manage the properties remotely and track changes in the value of their property through the Paragon Property Management System.

In addition to the Paragons Smart Home platform, the company also announced that it will be adding a second smart home to its portfolio in the near future.

Paragan said it plans to build the new Paragon property management system and its Paragons Paragon mobile app, which will allow the company to help homeowners manage their properties remotely.

Trewerin told the WSJ that the Paragos Smart Home will allow homeowners to monitor their properties, provide updates on construction progress, and even track the cost of their renovations.

“This is a really great opportunity for us to get a really good handle on the real estate market,” he said.

The Smart Home app will allow owners to track properties in real time, allowing them to see how much money is left over in their home for upkeep and repairs.

The property management app will also include the ability to view real estate prices and the current market value of the properties, which could allow homeowners and property managers to make better decisions.

This feature is especially helpful for homeowners who want to be sure they have enough cash on hand for repairs and renovations, Trewoins cofounder said.

This would also allow homeowners who are interested in selling their homes to see if they have a market price that is more affordable than they are currently paying.

Tawin said he hoped that the Smart Home and Paragon Paragon app will serve as a “good foundation” for the Paragan property management platform to expand into other markets.