Birmingham property sale: BNP Paribas property holding firm’s assets in BNP’s name in deal

Birmingham property buyers BNP paribas and a company in which it holds the rights to the BNP Group property are to sell an apartment complex for $4.3m, the Birmingham Mail has learned.

The deal will see BNP sell the Bigness property at 929 Bignem Road in the city’s North End, which has a population of more than 300,000.

The property is a mix of apartments, commercial and retail space.

Bigness is one of Birmingham’s top-end residential property markets, with an average listing price of $4,873 per square foot.

It’s home to one of the citys biggest banks, BNP Capital Markets, and is a main hub for the Birmingham city centre.

Bagnemare’s sale will also see the sale of the company’s property in the City of Birmingham, the Midlands, which includes the Bentleigh Hills.

The property is valued at more than $3.5m, according to the Birmingham City Council.

Benshear, a Birmingham-based real estate agent, said the Benshears would sell the property at a price of around $3m.

“We will be very happy to sell this property and put this money into the city and we are happy to move forward with the property sale process,” he said.

Bensen said the company is “very proud” of its heritage and the heritage of the property.

“The property was a key piece of BNP history and is very much associated with BNP, with the name Bignomar and the BnP,” he added.

“We are very excited to be part of this great historic property that will be sold and used by the Birmingham community.”

The Bignesse family’s Birmingham office is the Bagnemares’ home.

Bynn, the firm’s managing director, said his family would also be taking part in the sale.

“Bynns family will be making an announcement as we finalise the transaction and our role in the process,” Bynn said.

“It is very exciting for us and the Birmingham area to be able to sell the beautiful Bignomen property and the wonderful Bignome.”