How to use the name “property”

Dubai’s property and technology companies have had a rough go of it in the last year, as they’ve struggled to survive amid a global downturn in property prices.

The name “Property” is often used to describe a company, but it’s been an even harder sell since the start of the financial crisis, which saw the price of a home plummet from a high of around US$2 million in 2009 to about US$600,000 today.

Dubai has had to pay back loans from previous property companies in order to repay the money owed, and many of these companies have now shut down due to lack of funds.

Property technology companies like PropertyBazaar and DigitalCity have gone bankrupt, while other tech companies like the Dubai Real Estate Council have also been unable to make it through this period.

Dubi has been a hotbed of property bubbles, as property prices have risen so rapidly in the UAE that it has become difficult to compete against them.

Many property owners have been left with little choice but to sell their properties.

This has resulted in a dramatic drop in property values in Dubai.

In recent years, prices have gone up as well, but the drop in prices is greater.

Dubya has seen its property market shrink since the global financial crisis.

The city is now the second most expensive place in the world to live in, after New York, according to real estate site Zillow.

But, in order for the market to recover, property technology companies will have to find new ways to survive.

Dubizani has had a hard time staying afloat, as most of its property companies have shut down, and the government has failed to protect them from the economic downturn.

While the government did not immediately provide a reason for the shutdown, the company did issue a statement saying that it would be shutting down its Dubai offices, and that it will not return to the country until the company is able to raise capital.

The real estate crisis has had an effect on Dubai’s tech industry, which is struggling to survive in a rapidly changing market.

Dubizani’s property technology company, PropertyBaza, has been struggling for years.

It has struggled to find funding to keep the company going.

“Dubizanis technology company PropertyBazar is in financial difficulties due to the global downturn,” the company said in a statement on Tuesday.

“It is therefore very difficult to keep running the business and the capital is very low.

The company is working on new solutions and plans to bring its technology products and services to the market in the near future.”

Dubai’s housing market has been especially hard hit by the downturn, as prices have dropped from about US $2 million to less than US $400,000.

Dubais real estate prices have also dropped in the past two years, although it is unclear if this was the result of the global economic downturn or a result of a property bubble.

However, it’s difficult to tell if the drop is due to a bubble or just the economic crisis.

Dubis real estate has seen many properties go under in the run-up to the economic boom, which resulted in huge numbers of empty homes.

Property bubble in the news:Dubis government recently approved the building of more than 30 new homes in the Dubai area, but they have faced opposition from local residents and local businesses.