How to Make Your Bar and Grill Great Again

article A new survey from the National Association of Bar and Grills shows that nearly three in four Americans are frustrated by their restaurant experiences and want a more positive, “happy” restaurant experience.

According to the survey, which was released Thursday, 70% of respondents are frustrated with their restaurants’ food and service.

“People feel they are not being treated well,” said Joe Dangoro, president of the association.

“It’s not just an issue of the food, it’s a lot of things, including the service.”

Dangaro also cited increased food safety concerns that have caused customers to stop coming to the restaurants.

“We are at a tipping point,” Dangato said.

“If we want to have good customer service and a great experience, we need to have a lot more people coming in.”

Danno’s Grill and Wings, for example, which is in the Atlanta area, said it is hiring “many” new workers to staff its new restaurants.

The restaurant chain, which recently closed its last two locations in Columbus, Ohio, is currently looking for about 150 new workers for its restaurants in Columbus and Columbus, New Jersey, according to a statement.

The company said it has received over 3,000 resumes, but that it has not had a single qualified employee in the last year.

Dannos owner, David Dannoc, has said the chain has experienced “a lot of turnover” since it opened in 2001.

Dango said he has been working with the company to improve its food service since 2011, and that he plans to hire at least 50 people for the new restaurants in the near future.