How to get rid of ‘dog food’ in a pet waste landfill

A pet food company is using a technology to get more dog food out of landfills.

The American Veterinary Medical Association says its new technology is being used in pet food packaging to make sure dog food is properly processed.

It’s the latest step by food companies to try and help animals and consumers with the waste problem that has hit some big pet stores.

“It’s been a slow-moving issue, but we have seen an increase in the amount of dog food that’s being processed, and that’s causing the problems,” said Dr. Jessica Linn, the medical association’s senior vice president for research.

The AMA says its technology can make it possible to eliminate dog food waste from landfiller trucks, eliminating the need for large trucks.

It works by capturing dog food, processing it and storing it in a vacuum bag.

The bag then goes through a series of chemical and microbiological tests to ensure it’s not food waste.

The FDA says it will require companies to use the new technology by May.