Why did the Raiders lose $8 million? | Raiders’ loss in millions to title company

Raiders owner Mark Davis has made it clear that his team is not a title company, and he’s not about to let the franchise’s future hang in the balance.

And the Raiders have been the subject of a new media company with a name like Rastegar, and the owners of the Raiders and the Raiders franchise have agreed to a new company called Tandem.

Tandem was formed in December, and Davis says he expects it to generate more than $10 million in revenue in the first quarter of 2018.

Totally unrelated, the company is a spinoff of a company that was formed a year ago, with the goal of developing a property in Los Angeles.

But Rastagar owns the Raiders, and Tandem is a property company.

Rastega and Rastigar both have a lot of stake in the Los Angeles Rams, and so are going to be the focus of the new Tandem venture.

Trey Walker, a former Rams executive who also is the managing partner of Tandem, tells me that the Rams are a strong partner for Tandem and that Davis has been supportive of the Rams’ ownership.

Walker says Davis and the team have talked about the need for a new business, and that he expects that Tandem will provide a way to support the Rams and the other owners in the market.

Tega was founded in 2010 by former Rams and NFLPA executive director Bob McBride.

In May, McBride and Tega filed a petition for a “publicly traded company” in the United States.

The petition seeks to register a “stock-based corporation” that would be controlled by the Rams.

Rastegary was formed by the ownership group of the Los Angles Raiders in 2012.

The team had no affiliation with the Raiders in the last decade, and in March, the team announced that it would sell the team to a group led by Robert Kraft.

McBride says that he and Tegar intend to be a part of the NFL for the foreseeable future, and says that Rastiga will help Rastga to create a company to provide “a platform to reach potential investors.”

The team is expected to use the Tandem name, which is part of Tega’s “team name,” but it is unclear whether the team will use the name of the Tega group.

The group that owns the team says that it is not affiliated with Tega.

Rostegar is based in Singapore, and it will take some time to get the company up and running.

The first phase of the company will be to buy and lease land, which should be done by the end of the year.

Tegar says that the company plans to focus on “building a brand that people will trust and respect,” and that the Raiders’ future is “absolutely a priority.”

Tegre will help the company with its marketing efforts, which includes a website that will include a “brand ambassador” and will include an exclusive, one-off offer for a game or event.

The team has not yet released a financial statement.