Irish property developers look for Irish buyers

The number of foreign-owned property developers is expected to hit a record of 4,100 in 2019 as demand for Irish properties grows, according to the first data released by the Government.

Key points:Property developers in Ireland have invested more than €5bn in the countryThe number of property developers has jumped by more than 50% over the last decadeThe numbers of Irish owners are now more than twice the UK number, with the average holding company holding company now holding 1.5% of the UK’s total market, according the latest data.

Key figures:1.5 per cent of Irish ownershipA record 4,000 Irish developers and companies have entered the property market in the last ten years, according new research.

Key stats:Property developer is the third largest single sector in Ireland with a share of 1.2% of Ireland’s total value, after finance, technology and tourism.

Source: Irish Property Institute/European Data Centre (EDI)Source: EDI/EuropeanData Centre (EDS)