How the media got it wrong about Brexit

The media has a duty to be objective and to tell the truth about everything, but sometimes they get it wrong.

This article explores how the media is often wrong on Brexit.

It’s not just about Brexit, it’s about anything, from the economy to politics.

A lot of the media’s reporting has been a complete shambles.

Here’s how.


Brexit is a distraction The Brexit debate has been dominated by the topic of the UK leaving the European Union, with the mainstream media largely ignoring the more pressing question of the economy.

It is true that the UK has not been in the EU since 1973, and it’s true that it is currently one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.

But the truth is that the economy of the country is much smaller than the media would have us believe.

The UK economy is about $12 trillion, compared with the US’s $20 trillion.

Brexit has done nothing to help the economy in any meaningful way.

It has not changed the status quo.

It hasn’t created jobs or made the country a net exporter.

What it has done is create a distraction that has had the effect of slowing down economic activity.


It was a false choice The media’s Brexit narrative was based on three main assumptions: 1) the UK would leave the EU; 2) the economy would get back on track; and 3) the country would be an economic powerhouse.

It would be true if Brexit was a choice between good economic outcomes and the economic wellbeing of Britain.

But it’s not.

Brexit was decided by the people, and the outcome is not for the people to decide.

The EU referendum was not a choice of economic wellbeing, and this was clear from the beginning.

2) The economy did get back to normal After Brexit, the economy will return to normal, although that is not what the media has been telling us.

The economy has been in recession, as has the whole of Europe.

The jobs situation is far worse than it was before Brexit, as are the wages.

3) The country is a net export This is the key point.

The media always talk about “the country is an export powerhouse.”

This is simply untrue.

The country’s exports have been falling for years, as have the exports of the rest of Europe, and even Japan.

So the media was lying when they said that Brexit would boost the UK economy.

The truth is the UK’s economy has had a terrible impact on the global economy.

But for the media, the UK as a net exports powerhouse has been the defining feature of the Brexit debate.

The reality is that Brexit has had very little to do with the economy, and has done absolutely nothing to improve it.