A property company with a different name and a different company structure could be linked to a scam

FourFour2 News understands that a property company in NSW that is linked to property company structure and name could be one of the entities that has been linked to an online scam in the past two weeks.

News Corp understands that the company, Lattimore Property Group, has been in business for about a decade.

A spokesperson for the company did not respond to a request for comment.

A former employee of Lattice Property Group said she was told in August that the organisation had become embroiled in a property scam, and it is unclear how much the company has been involved.

A source who was working at Lattique Property Group for about two years told News Corp that in August 2016, a company called Lattie Brothers approached the group for funding, and that Lattiams company structure was similar to that of the property company it was involved with.

The company structure is a structure in which a company is listed as a sole proprietor, which means it has no employees.

Lattimore Brothers was set up in 2007 and is a company which is registered as an Australian limited company.

Littimore Brothers is the registered agent for the Latticoises company, according to the company structure.

A company registered in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and the Northern Territory was also set up by Lattite Brothers.

Lettiams name, address and phone number have all been linked with the same address in NSW, a registered office address in Melbourne, a number in Brisbane and an address in Sydney.

The spokesperson for Lattiff Brothers said that the group did not provide information on the contact details for Littiams registered office in NSW.

The same contact details were used by the same Lattime Brothers company when they contacted the company in September 2016.

News Corporation understands that at that time, the company was registered in NSW as Lattimites.

The email address and telephone number listed for the business have since been disconnected.

The former employee said the contact information for the group was not used for the scam, but she said she understood that Littimore’s business was not registered in any other jurisdiction.

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