New crypto-asset fund, Maxxam, has a serious issue

Maxxams ICO, which was funded on April 1st, has raised $3.5 million from five different investors.

MaxxAM is an ICO focused on developing blockchain solutions for medical, financial and insurance companies.

It aims to be the world’s first decentralized, blockchain-powered medical blockchain.

The ICO raised $1.5m and has been running since May.

The MaxxAMS ICO is not the only token offering in the space.

In early June, another token, Stox, raised $2.6m from investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Goldman Sachs and many more.

In the last week, the price of a single Stox token has increased from $0.1 to $0,400.

This represents a dramatic increase of almost 80%.

It also means that more than $1 million worth of Stox tokens have been sold.

In this ICO, the Maxx AM token has been promoted as a way for Stox to acquire additional capital.

However, Stax and the other token issuers have not given Maxx ammunities for this investment.

It is unclear what exactly happened behind the scenes.

On May 5th, Stexx, another cryptocurrency token, raised its first round of funding.

It was also promoted as an alternative to Maxx and Stax, and the company said that it has already raised $100m.

The Stox Token ICO has also been quite popular, with Stox investors spending an average of $9,000 a month on the token.

MaxXam is another token offering that has raised considerable amounts of capital, but it is unclear how much Maxx was worth before it went live.

Maxxfarms, another decentralized asset exchange, raised a whopping $9.4m during the first week of June.

This was the third time that Maxxafarms raised money during its ICO.

Maxxcash, a decentralized asset and cryptocurrency exchange, has also raised funds in the past few weeks.

Maxfarms ICO also came at a time when blockchain technology is showing its true potential in many industries.

The Ethereum blockchain was created in 2018 and is the basis for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Blockchain technology is the backbone of the internet, and it is expected to make cryptocurrencies more transparent, efficient and secure.

With its decentralized nature, it is possible to track how a blockchain is being used and why.

This means that a blockchain company could create a secure, decentralized exchange for a product, such as a car, to sell a car in the future.

Maxxa has raised about $10m in a total of $30m, but this is not a good investment for MaxxAmeritum, the firm that launched MaxxAm.

Maxxpares, another platform for selling crypto-assets, raised about an additional $3m.

While the tokens that Maxxpears has raised so far are worth less than the Maxxa tokens, this is largely because of the fees associated with the token sale.

Maxxes price, however, has been very volatile.

During the last few days, the value of Maxx tokens has increased by about $300.

It has been a roller coaster ride for Maxxfars and Maxxums ICOs.

While it seems that Maxxfar is making a lot of progress, it seems unlikely that Maxxa will reach its potential.

The main problems with Maxx, Maxxp and Maxxa are that they have been developed with very limited resources, and they are not designed to be used by large companies.

In fact, they are designed to work with only a handful of companies.

This has made the platforms more vulnerable to hackers and fraudsters.

The most recent Maxx ICO raised about US$3.2m.

It seems that there are two problems with these token offerings.

The first is that there is very little information on how they work.

There is no documentation on how the MaxX tokens will work, or how the ICO will work.

The second is that they lack transparency and accountability.

Investors have no way of knowing what their investment is worth.

The fact that there were no documentation about how Maxx will work or how Maxxa is structured means that the investors cannot be held accountable for any losses they might suffer.

Maxxi, the third token in the Maxxpare series, has another problem.

It only raised US$2.4 million in its ICO, a mere $1,000 more than Maxx.

Maxxbank, another smart contract platform, raised another US$1.4million.

However this is just a small fraction of the total MaxxToken portfolio.

Maxxtax, the token that Maxxcares has raised, is a little more complicated.

Maxxxa is a decentralized platform for sharing financial data.

It will have a much larger focus on the ICO and the sale of Maxxtools.

The platform will be run by a private company that is not public.