‘It’s a tragedy’: A Florida man killed in a fatal plane crash

A Florida family has blamed the Federal Aviation Administration for the death of a man who they say had recently purchased a plane.

Authorities in Tampa said they found the body of 38-year-old John Epps in the back seat of a plane that crashed on Saturday.

The crash happened about 12:45 p.m. on Saturday near the intersection of State Road 11 and Route 1A in the city’s North Hills neighborhood.

Officials said Epps was a customer on the plane, but did not immediately provide details about what prompted the crash.

Investigators were looking for witnesses to the crash, which took place at the intersection with North Avenue.

Epps was pronounced dead at the scene, according to Tampa Bay County Fire Rescue officials.

A spokesperson for Federal Aviation Authority told CBS News that the agency does not have information on what caused the crash and would not comment further until an investigation is complete.

Epp had been a pilot with the Florida Department of Transportation since July 2010.

He was a father of three, according a family spokesperson.

Epps is survived by his wife, who is a teacher, and a young son, the spokesperson said.

Emmett was a member of the West Coast Airlines Flight Attendants Association, the family spokesperson said in a statement.

His death is the third fatal plane accident involving Flight Attendant Flight 1549.