How to find out whether your property is eligible for waterford’s Property Tax relief

A property company in south-east Scotland is using its water rights to help pay for water bills.

Waterford Property Company, which runs properties including one in Londonderry, has applied to have a section of the property, owned by the company, exempt from water tax.

The water company, which is owned by Scottish Water, is part of the Waterford Water Management Group.

Its director, Mike Jones, said the company had a water right in the Londons.

“We’ve been running it since 1998 and we’ve always paid our water taxes.

We don’t want it to go into the public domain,” he said.”

So, we’re really keen to help them out and we are applying to have that section of our property exempt from tax.”

The water tax relief we’ve been able to provide is about a quarter of what the water bill in the UK is.

“If we can provide a lower water bill, that’s a great thing.”

It helps the environment too, so it’s great that we can help people in the community.

“The group also owns property in Dumfries and Galloway.

Its owner, Paul Burch, said he hoped the exemption would help with the costs of running the property.”

There are two parts to it.

Firstly, we’ve got a land base and secondly, we have water and that’s what is holding us together,” he explained.”

Our water bill is very high so the exemption is really a big help to the water company.

“That was a long time ago now and I think we’re still getting used to it, so that’s why we’re doing it now.”

I think we’ll have a good deal of water for our water bill.

“The Scottish Government has confirmed it will consider the proposal, and will make a decision in the coming weeks.

A spokesperson for Waterford Property Group said: “We’ve already taken advantage of the water tax exemption scheme to help support our business and customers, and we’re hoping to see the scheme extended.”