Which companies own property in the world?

In 2017, the country had 4,937 offshore property companies.Of those, the vast majority (86%) were registered in just one country, Singapore.Here’s a look at the names of these companies and how they’re connected to the world’s richest people.1.J.P. Morgan & […]

How to Make Your Bar and Grill Great Again

article A new survey from the National Association of Bar and Grills shows that nearly three in four Americans are frustrated by their restaurant experiences and want a more positive, “happy” restaurant experience.According to the survey, which was released Thursday, […]

How to get rid of ‘dog food’ in a pet waste landfill

A pet food company is using a technology to get more dog food out of landfills.The American Veterinary Medical Association says its new technology is being used in pet food packaging to make sure dog food is properly processed.It’s the […]