When property company’s assets are sold, it makes sense to buy from the right person

Bending, Colorado’s Bridgewood Property Company is a publicly traded company that owns more than 70,000 acres of land.It also owns the Burges property that’s part of the Bridgewold River Valley National Park.But that’s not the only property the Bridgwood Property […]

Property Conservation company ‘trying to save money by cutting off electricity supply’

A property conservation company is seeking to save $200,000 by cutting power to residents and businesses in the Adelaide Hills as a precaution against a weather system that could bring more extreme weather to the region.Key points:The company, called Horseshoe […]

The Lunar Property Survey Companies: What They Do

Lunar Property Survey Company (LPSC) is a property survey company specializing in property surveys in the United States and Canada.LPSC specializes in property, commercial, industrial, and residential surveys.The LPSCs main objective is to help surveyors understand the properties in the […]

Bromley, property company to sue over claims of racial discrimination

A Beverly Hills-based property company will take on a federal lawsuit over its claim that it was racially discriminated against for leasing to African-American residents, a lawyer for the property owners’ union said Thursday.The BCLO Local 226 said it is […]

Marquis Property company fined for breach of property rules

Property developer Marquiss has been fined €10 million after it breached its contracts with landlords and tenants to sell their property for a profit.The company, which also owns the Marlowe Hotel in Limerick, was given a 12-month extension to close […]

Israel’s ‘Arab’ property owners to lose out in bidding process

Jerusalem – An Arab Israeli family in the city of Jerusalem is set to lose their home in a bidding war to buy a plot of land owned by a prominent Arab property company.The family of Arab-Israeli businessman Jamal Hani, […]