Three Ways for Landlords to Find More Tenants

Are you a landlord who is having trouble finding tenants to lease your units? Perhaps it's time to kick up your advertising and try some new methods for attracting tenants. Here are three ideas to get you started.

Join local organizations and clubs related to housing and real estate.

Look for organizations in your area that provide networking opportunities for landlords. You'll meet other property owners in your area, and receive specific tips they have used to find tenants. Every real estate market is different, so this is a good way to get advice as to what works in your specific region. As an added bonus, as you meet other property owners, they might start sending tenants your way if their units are full, or if they know your units offer something theirs do not. Just make sure you also contribute by sharing your experiences with others and by doing favors for other landlords when possible, too.

Create social media pages for your units.

Having a website is not quite enough these days when it comes to web marketing. Make sure you have social media pages for your apartment rental business, and make sure you're active on those accounts, too. Comment on others' posts and update your status often. This will help get your name out there, so you come to mind when people are looking for apartments to rent.

Visit large employers in your area.

Make a list of the large employers in your area. Are there any big businesses who employ thousands? These are great places to look for new tenants. Print up some basic, old-fashioned flyers with information about your units. Take them with you to these businesses, and ask the receptionist in the main office if he or she would be willing to post them for you, or to pass word on to employees who may be looking for new homes. Some businesses may maintain lists of housing options for new employees just moving into town. Ask if the business has such a list, and ask to be included. Some will decline your offer, but others will be happy to help you out as you're helping their employees in return.

If you're having trouble finding new tenants, don't just keep plugging away at your old methods. Change it up with the tips above, go to real estate investment clubs, and you'll gain exposure to a whole new audience of people who may be perfect renters of your space.