Strategic Cleaning Tips For An Upcoming Open Home

Preparing for an open home involves a different kind of cleaning than everyday tidying up. Strategic cleaning can get your home ready for possible buyers to see its potential. It is good to take your realtor's advice because they know what will make your home look its best as well. Here are four cleaning tips to get your house ready for an open home and to hopefully bring in offers.

1. Depersonalize Your Home

If you have clutter around your home, this might turn off potential buyers and be distracting. It is a good idea to take down family photos and remove personal decor that might be too individualized. Any artwork or items that might be a conversation piece will take away the focus from your open home.

2. Remove Items for Space

A great way to make your home seem more spacious is to actually make more space available. It might be worth it to put a loveseat in storage and to remove bookshelves or end tables to bring more space to common areas. If you can clean up closets or store items outside of your home, storage areas will seem more spacious and be seen as a plus for home buyers.

3. Clean Walls, Windows, and Blinds

Lightening up your space is a must for open homes. Houses with a light, airy feeling to them are more likely to sell because they feel more cheerful and inviting. This can be easily incorporated by cleaning dingy walls or repainting if needed. Cleaning windows inside and out and getting dust and grime off of window blinds will bring in more light to your home.

4. A Fresh Scent

Don't turn off potential homebuyers with lingering smells in your home. Make sure to clean up after pets, and to air out your home if there might be any lived-in smells from cooking or smoking. Leave windows and doors open during the open home and have air fresheners and potpourri ready to make your home smell its best. Even if you home doesn't necessarily have a bad smell, it is worth it to have a fresh, inviting smell at your open home.

Any home that will be on the market will need a good scrub, but there are plenty of things that you can do to further maximize selling potential. Making sure to clean strategically will make your home more inviting and seem more spacious. Up the chances of selling your home by making the effort to have this clean and looking its best. Your realtor can also offer great advice.